our process

Our Process

our process

Initial Deliberation

This first step is critical to building the long-term relationship that we see as the best way to add value to our client’s business. We dedicate considerable time and resources to understanding your business, then apply our insight, knowledge and expertise to analyzing and defining your immediate and future needs.

Create service Package/ Memorandum

For all process-related assignments, we offer a choice of well-defined service propositions, the most appropriate of which can then be customized to your specific needs.

For consulting assignments, we believe every assignment is unique. So we take a project-based approach, applying our insights, knowledge and expertise to define and implement a custom solution that addresses your specific needs.

Establish Performance Metrics

To enable you to easily monitor our performance, we build Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Significant Milestones into our service proposals. They also enable us to monitor ourselves. One simple example of a KPI is guaranteed reporting deadlines. These are included in our service agreements and we fully commit to meeting them.

Execute Services

Once a contract is in place we commence work, assigning experienced consultants to work with your team and deliver the solutions we have promised.

Performance Monitoring, Review and Reporting

For process-related services, most deliverables are regular, e.g. monthly, and deadlines are easy to monitor. We report on the status of the services after each deadline has passed.

For consulting assignments, we report on progress as we reach each agreed Significant Milestone.

To help us to continually improve our performance, we welcome feedback from our clients during and at the completion of all assignments.