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About us

To act as Business consultants, management consultants of any firm, body corporate, association or other undertaking and to provide advices, services, consultancy in various fields, business operation, business correspondents, general administrative, secretarial, commercial, industrial, public relations, technical, statistical, accountancy, quality control and data processing and to promote the interests of the advertising business by its financial integrity and demonstrate desire to adhere to sound and ethical business practice.

To act as trainers and consultants both within and outside India in the field of accounting, investment, portfolio, management, other legal and regulatory matters, marketing, technical, tax, risk management strategy, placement and human resource, corporate governance, engineering, advertising, information technology, etc. consultant to Indian and multinational corporate.

To provide business services by giving sound and unbiased advice to advertisers by reasons of its knowledge, experience and ability and to make study of the advertising business, their markets and and to give constructive advices and to render adequate quantity and quality of advertising services to promote the interests and to transact agency business services carried on by advertising agencies and to place or display advertisements.

bajramahakali office staff
Basantilata Dash
bajramahakali office staff
Atish Ranjan Padhi
bajramahakali office staff
Banaja Dash
Managing Director